Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Man

Being a stay at home mom for the last 8 weeks has been even better than I imagined it to be. In the last 8 weeks I have:

Been peed on several times.

Learned that it's possible to function on little sleep.

Stopped eating dairy for my baby's poor tummy (I...miss the dairy).

Healed from a somewhat crazy csection.

Have learned how to wisely answer the question 'oh is this your first baby?'

Fallen in love with my baby's cute sneezes.

Learned a lot from reading him the Jesus Storybook Bible.

Transitioned from carrying around skinny little newborn to a fat boy.

Washed our sheets quite more than I have in the past due to many diaper changing accidents.

And it's all for the love of this little sweet pea (thank you Sam for such a great photo!)

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  1. I love this baby so much!!! And this picture is so perfect! And I love everything about this post!