Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Is For The Weary

Christmas Is For The Weary
Are you afflicted this hour, among the carols so bright?
Among the songs and cheerful hearts, does your soul feel like the night?
That quiet cloud of loneliness, can hover just above, 
and cover up your eyes to God's unrelenting love.
Has the cup of sorrow spilled too much and seem to great to bear? 
Has sadness crept in like a thief, stealing evidence of His care?
Oh look, look above the clouds and sadness and see. 
Here comes the babe who came to feel just like you and me. 
Fully God and fully man who came to take our shame.
A sweet baby who would soon bear "man of sorrows" as his name.
He would grow up from his manger to a cross and die alone.
He would raise up from that grave and Gods love would be fully shown.
Christmas is for the weary, see him become weary too?
God crawled down from the purest heaven, to die for me and you.