Thursday, January 17, 2013

6 and 7 months...soon to be 8

Let's all just try to understand how its possible that our little E will be 8 months in 4 days. It's unreal how much he's changed in the last couple months. I need time to slow up a bit.

I'll just begin with the big one: he says DADA!! It makes us fall a part every time. His dad is truly his favorite person in the entire world...and I'm ok with that (i mean, i do feed you and clean poop through the day but whatever) there's nothing sweeter than to watch our baby just fall over laughing at his daddy.

He sits perfectly (ok, to the ladies at church who watched him fall like 3 times a few weeks ago...I know). He loves just sitting on a blanket with a bucket of toys. It blows my mind when I watch him pick up a toy, then when he's done he'll reach all by himself for a new one in his basket. What?!!

He loves clapping. This makes everything funny. We have to stop, clap and cheer for many things: the tv, the dogs, bath time, books, poopy diapers, visitors, anything.

He's eating a lot of foods. His favorite is sweet potatoes by far, which is fine with me I'll bake some for me too! He also loves pumpkin, acorn squash, apples, avocados and pears. It's been really fun and messy.

For some reason, nothing captures his attention like his little sign language video...he is filled with happiness as I walk towards our DVD player and he claps as I push play. His friend Nathan has let him borrow a little bouncer in the shape of a car that he watches it in, so we like to think of it as his baby drive-in movie.

Our home is full of lots of baby laughter that I remember just longing for this time last year.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Smitten Kitchen

Perhaps many of you have heard of Smitten Kitchen, but I wanted to share a link to her blog. This girl is funny, creative and all pictures of her food are stunning. She posts recipes that are outside of the box in her teeny NY kitchen. Even with recipes I don't have the ingredients for I still read through them, laughing at her witty humor.