Friday, June 15, 2012

2 a.m

My little man is preferring to cuddle with mommy instead of falling back asleep. I'll take that anytime. Love you sweet boy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ten Days

On May 22, 2012 the Lord safely brought Ernesto Brooks to our arms. He has big eyes, a little round turned up nose, big lips, very long fingers and sweet little feet.

Laying on the surgery table just as the final steps were being made for his first seconds of life brought back a flood of memories...
And then he let out his first cry. Little Ernie's precious voice gave me overwhelming tears of joy. When you cry that hard as the mama during a c-section, it feels interesting; you're arms are tied down to the sides, your chest feels heavy, there's an oxygen mask, and the spinal makes you a bit loopy. Yet I couldn't help but cry and cry and cry as I could hear him and see him move. The Lord carried this baby in my womb every moment, and is still upholding each minute of his life.

Here he is:

Technically he is 11 days old today, I started to write this blog yesterday on day 10. Gets busy around here.

Favorite song mommy sings him to sleep: Nothing But The Blood of Jesus.
Most comfortable when: swaddled tight in his awesome blankets, almost all day long.
Favorite place: his swing, or mommy and daddy's arms.
Favorite past time: eating, eating, eating, and reading with mommy.
Cutest feature: his eyes that look like daddy's.
Funny moments: when he gets hiccups, every day! When he sneezes (3 times everytime). And when he shoots pee into the air several times a day (we've gotten better at catching it).

That's all for now.