Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Never Lukewarm Again

We have all been there. We think we have found the perfect time to make the coffee and pour a cup and drink the whole thing till the last warm drop. We can picture it can't we? We sit in our favorite chair after it's all brewed and we even have time to read a book or something while we sip away. But reality tells us time and time again that a mother will get a couple sips into her coffee and after a few unexpected events with the littles, it's a nice creamy, lukewarm drink.

It's a must though, this coffee. In order for everyone to remain safe, caffeine needs to be flowing through my veins. But I can't swallow lukewarm coffee, I just can't. I can't even try plugging my nose and knocking it back.
That's just stupid. And I gag every time.

So I needed a better plan. I'm all about revising plans around here. If something is needed in order to function then I need to make it work. But what do you do about coffee? How do you just skip the whole brewing part and getting to the immediately getting it into your system part?

Then it came to me like a dream. Like there was a soft light that burst into the room and said "remember your Ikea thermos."

Oh yeah. I bought a thermos like forever ago. 6 dollars. DING DING.

Everyone, I now brew my coffee before bed. And it never goes cold. What? Yes. I brew my coffee, pour it into my thermos (again, Ikea, 6 dollars, we can all do this), tighten that lid, and no heat is lost from that crucial first cup I need to drink before kids wake up.

You too could never have a lukewarm cup of coffee ever again. Because you know what? If a child runs to me demanding justice from their sibling, I can pour that coffee back into the thermos (I mean it's almost like pausing time?), and click it back open at a more convenient time. Once all the boo boos are kissed, and peace is made between siblings...for a moment anyway.

I just wanted to share. I think this could save lives.
She's going to drink coffee with me someday

Wednesday, October 1, 2014