Monday, June 30, 2014

Adley Louise Blanco

Maybe you are curious about whether or not I have just thrown my hands up and said "No more blogging!" Well, yes I have had moments where I thought so. Our days (and nights) are full. But the plan is to continue to write as I am able; when laundry is folded, dinner is already prepped and all four kids are sleeping. Sometimes, by God's great mercy, those can happen at the same time, sometimes.

Today I wanted to introduce you to the newest Blanco. Oops, she's already almost 3 months, not quite the newborn anymore, but so precious isn't she? Meet Adley Louise Blanco. Louise comes from my Grandma. I am so proud to use that name.
I'm going to be honest, when I was laying on that metal slab and they lifted her up and I saw a head full (FULL) of black hair I thought, "Are you my baby? Did they swap babies before they pulled her above that curtain?" But, turns out she really did come from my womb and I can't stop running my fingers through her hair. 
Her birth was another experience to trust God with how he's been faithful to us before. She was lifted above that curtain and whisked away right after I said my first hello as her mommy. I cried, and cried, no one could tell me details as to why she wasn't breathing well but that was her main issue, so off to the NICU she went. 
I have never experienced emotional, painful flashbacks before; but there I was, instantly back to Haddon's birth as he was wheeled off quickly for help to survive. I pictured a number of things happening as I placed myself back in our grief three years ago, and the Lord calmed me with his Spirit in that operating room. I could trust him, no matter what happened to my sweet girl, I could trust him because he has shown us kindness and mercy in this before.
Adley needed help for two days and we visited her in the NICU while I recovered. How similar things felt to Haddon, but her needs were very different. It was not a roller coaster of good news and sad news. And the Lord gave me joy as I visited her, which is an immense amount of grace. We are grateful to God for all his help in our time of need at that hospital.
We also had a moment where all four children where in my room at the same time. The three older ones wanted to meet sister, so we gave it a try. You would laugh at us, guys. It was all about meeting sister, but once they entered the room it was all about the neat things in the hospital room, and it was just hilarious chaos. Ah, it was my first taste of my days to come at home.