Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Hello? You want to see my daddy?"

Today I was observing our Judson, who was diving into the world of make-believe, a not too common thing for him just yet. Judson is very much into sports, running, taking things apart (maybe that's a nice way of saying breaking) and will one day surely bring forth some unique gifts for the Lord from all these rough and tough things. "I beak this" he says often, which means, "I broke this." Oh Lord, use the breaking skills for your glory one day. Somehow!

But today he quietly sat our side table, picked up his pretend phone as his little mind heard an imaginary phone call for his father:

"Hello? Yes? You want to see my daddy? Mhm. Yes. MY daddy. Ya. Mhm. yeah, yep. Ok, bye."

My heart paused for a moment. Here's a boy who has known Ernie for less than two years, and he has proudly claimed him his forever daddy. God was gracious even as he was passed around a bit between family and homes. God was gracious during a time of frustration and anger in his soul that was so young. I have tried to imagine what life must have been for him between birth and nearly 2, and I have cried.

Yet God brought Ernie Blanco into Judson's life, a man whom God would use to transform what it means to be "daddy" and to give him direction in the good days and hard, trial-filled days. Ernie would be the daddy to stand at the door to welcome Judson back from somewhat painful and confusing parent visits, and the daddy who would make him his own forever and would point him to how our Heavenly Father makes us his own forever, through Jesus.

We are so grateful Judson is our son. I'm so grateful Ernie is his daddy.