Saturday, September 13, 2014

Adoption Day

Yesterday was a day we will never ever forget. We adopted our precious children and named them Judson and Talitha Blanco. The last year in a half has been a tremendous test of our faith and full of new ways to trust The Lord with each day. I have seen my weakness, I have had thousands of tears. I have also had to run to Jesus many days and I get to experience his strength and the joy that comes from depending on him. 

Judson is an active, athletic, hilarious little boy. And God has grown him in so many ways to calm his little heart, to trust us as mommy and daddy, and really love his family. He's starting to help me with his siblings, bless his heart, he's only 3 and he's wanting to be the man of the house when daddy's at work. He will one day be incredibly gifted at baseball, basketball and drums. Seriously. He also loves our parents, his forever grandparents. And he has two best buddies, Truett and Nathan. 

Talitha is spunky, hilarious, loud and stunningly beautiful. She keeps us active, and we chase her all day. She's interested in all things breakable, all things with a plug-in and her current favorite is the computer keyboard which also serves as her drum. She looks up to Judson and really loves him. She is in love with daddy, he means the world to her, I'm so grateful for Ernie as her daddy. He is such a gift of a godly daddy in her life. We think she will be a great dancer, she's got some rhythm starting.

So we are now forever a family of 6. God has met us in our times of need and brought us this day of adoption in his amazing kindness and mercy. We love you Judson and Talitha!