Friday, January 4, 2013

Smitten Kitchen

Perhaps many of you have heard of Smitten Kitchen, but I wanted to share a link to her blog. This girl is funny, creative and all pictures of her food are stunning. She posts recipes that are outside of the box in her teeny NY kitchen. Even with recipes I don't have the ingredients for I still read through them, laughing at her witty humor.

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  1. Speaking of kitchens, I remembered that you posted something on your blog (may have been ages ago) about the cleaner Bar Keeper's Friend. Well I was looking for a better cleaner for our tub, and I knew you recommended it for something, so I got it and it worked sooo well. I was so excited to use it I had David take Carson downstairs for a while so I could focus on it. Well, that's my story for the night! Love ya and Happy New Year!