Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

A really good friend of mine, Kelsey, and I have birthdays a couple days a part. Our husbands surprised us with a night at a resort!

Picture 1: giving kisses to a sweet boy who went into the pool for the first time. His little swim outfit got very wet and he didn't fuss at all. What a champ.

Picture 2: He loved sleeping on our bed for a morning nap. Of course, who wouldn't want to fall into a deep slumber on satin sheets?

Picture 3: What a hunk. Carrying around a baby in a pool. He caught my eye, that's for sure.

Picture 4: slumbering again, sweetly on those sheets.

Picture 5: does this kid love his dad or what?

Picture 6: Kelsey and I with our boys and her niece!

Not pictured are some sweet features of the resort. There was a Keurig in every room (joy joy joy joy), and a really cool area at night with fire pits for anyone to make s'mores.

Thank you honey, I love you:)

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