Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy Monday

Hello! Soon I want to post about the wonderful weekend my hubs surprised me with, it will take some uploading of pictures from our really neat camera.

So today I will post about our busy day. Nothing fancy, just trying to get things done around my home plus a grocery day, which meant little E got some grandma and grandpa time. Through a little sadness I handed him off to grandpa and went to conquer a few things from Costco. Then Walmart.
Ernie went through three outfits throughout the day, sometimes his poop can be quite alarming.

I emptied all things old and disgusting from the fridge. It was horrifying.

I poured a glass of almond milk and found out it is delicious in cold coffee. And it will be incredible over cereal tomorrow.

I began chopping a ton of strawberries that I bought on sale, I got 6 cases because the deal was so good. Plus bananas and peaches. Smoothie heaven at our house.

I conquered dishes that really only took one night to build up in my sink.

I folded some laundry with my kid babbling by my side, makes laundry way wonderful.

Stay tuned for what my Friday and Saturday were like!

1 comment:

  1. that little guy is the cutest thing! i can't get over him. and i'm gonna come over and eat all your strawberries, so tell your fridge to watch its back! :) p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!! <3