Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Days

These days are warm and busy. We are looking forward to snuggly clothes and mommy lighting too many pumpkin candles while baking too many pumpkin treats. Summer is closing. It has been fun with many learning experiences, transitions and enjoying a new baby.
Some of us are learning to feed our babies.

Some of us like getting into mischief  with good buddies.

Everyone is growing like a weed, causing mommy a lot of tears.

She spots ehpains! (airplanes)

She's in love with daddy (me too).

Some still think Rufus is the best playmate.

ALL are learning to close the door!

His has a love for Spiderman. "mightaman"

A pretty girl came with us on daddy's work trip to Portland.

We're enjoying lots of rain.

And adding to our rolls.

Of to dinner prep! Hope to be back soon.

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