Saturday, April 27, 2013

And then there were three

In the last two weeks our world has been completely turned upside down in an insane but incredible way. We are fostering two kids, one is two months younger than Ernie Brooks and the brother is not quite two. Are we crazy, you ask? It took awhile but I think we have come to the conclusion that no, we aren't crazy, and God has carried us through each day.

Can I just say though, every morning all three kids start their day with a major poop. And more often than I want its the kind where you look at your hand and think,  wait is the poop soaking through the WIPE? I think I have to use the sentence "hold on, mommy needs to wash her hands" more than anything throughout the day. Then there's the ever flowing river from all three noses. I mean, really, there's never a dull moment. Our toddler is a never ending eating machine, good for him right? Seriously, we have to ask him to just get down from the table because, no you may not have a fourth helping of spaghetti, your stomach will pop!

I have made it by slowly making my way through and living off of the book of Ephesians, because there I am reminded of patience, and gentleness. I'm reminded to be an imitator of God and to walk in love because of Christ's love towards me. I'm reminded that God gives me the power for good works he's called me to and all I have to do is walk in them. And boy, do we love these kids.

It's such an honor to care for these kids. I'm so thankful we get to smother them with love. And its Saturday, daddy is time all together is the best.

Off to fold laundry ya'll.

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