Friday, November 16, 2012

I love having boys

My son is has entered the crazy, grabbing, hollering, messy (MESSY), hungry 100 percent boy stage...and I am so ready for it. I'm ready to have crazy, running all over the house days when he is few months older. Even getting in the car is so humorous: Ernie is slipping down my hip, my diaper bag has fallen to my elbow, and im still trying to hold it all as i attempt to get the dog into his crate. I think: i look so funny, and this is all totally what i dreamed about doing since i was a little girl.
I love the wrestling matches we have when he would rather suck his toes and bring his feet to his face than get his diaper changed. I love when I'm trying to feed him his rice cereal but he's busy wiping it on his face and clothes. I love when he gets up from nap time and he laughs and wants to pet his dogs. I love that he has recently started to "eat" my face and I pretend he's a mom eating monster and he thinks it's so funny. All this comes from the sweet kindness of God.

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