Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 months

My boy is three months! It's been the most wonderful 3 months of our lives. No exaggeration.

-He has decided to sleep through the night the last few weeks! It just arrived one night out of no where. But we are enjoying it, whether it's a short season or not:)

-We had our first shots a couple weeks ago. It was torture, yes. Poor guy was so hungry too as he was getting them. But thankfully the nurse was quick.

-He is 15lbs and 25 inches. Close to the size of an average 5 month old. He is 90th percentile in everything, he's a big boy.

-He is not a fan of tummy time. But somehow is still learning to hold his head up really well when we are holding him on our shoulder.

-He loves cooing and talking with me for long, long periods of time. He smiles when I talk back. It is my absolute favorite part of the day.

-He loves when his daddy comes home, he kicks and grins and is so ready to be held by him. I love it.

-My favorite clothes on him right now are t shirts and sweat pants. He is such a little baby stud in them!

-He went on his first library trip and loved these baby bear books! So we checked out the 3 of what I could find of the series.

-He's not too fond of the car seat. But I just try to reach back for his little hand while I drive, his cry can be so heart breaking.

I'm so in love with his little boy.

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  1. He is just the cutest little thing!! Love his toes on the bear book, in his little sweats! :)