Friday, August 3, 2012

2 months

Oh my. I love the two months stage. It's been my favorite so far!

-He smiles and giggles at us.
-He cracks up at the bird mobile on his swing.
- He takes naps pretty regularly in his own room. (not just wherever I am anymore, sad). And seems to be sleeping longer.
-He went on his first vacation. He was a trooper!
- His tummy is starting to hurt less I think, as I suffer through the no dairy thing except half and half in the coffee (suffering! I even eat pizza with no cheese people). I crave a glass of real milk everyday:) although chocolate almond milk was this wonderful revelation in my home. I'm getting off track here.
-He is chunkier than ever, fits into a 6 month sleeper.
-We made a switch to size two diapers.
- It looks like he's starting to get up just once a night.
- He's so thrilled when he sees daddy.
- He's really enjoying baths now.
- He is showing so so so much personality.

He's just such a happy baby.

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