Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ernie's First Month

Well, baby Ernie has actually been a month for a couple weeks now. I've just been absent from the blogging world for awhile! I've been joyfully busy busy busy taking care of this fellow. There's endless things to learn with a newborn, so everyday is this wonderful adventure.

-Yesterday we threw our first outfit into the "this no longer fits" pile.
We love that he is getting bigger, but it's like the changes make you want to cry at the same time.
I still love the newborn onesies because they make him look his chubbiest. But I can tell they will only be able to work for a couple more weeks. At that point, through tears, I will fold up his new born out fits and tuck them away.

-He also has quite the little voice now, a little raspy, all boy type of voice.

-He loves being with Dad. And trust me, Dad loves being with him.

-God has been a Helper to me just as he promises. In the middle of the night at times, I'll hear baby crying and my tiredness can feel heavy. The Lord has, thankfully, reminded me that motherhood is something he has called me to, and whatever he calls me to he will surely help me and equip me, even at 2am when my body is weak and exhausted, He is definitely the Great Encourager.

We have had an incredible month of enjoying this sweet boy.

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  1. i love everything about this! you are an amazing mother and wife to this sweet family of yours!