Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pictures Lately

1. The Mountains on our trip to Sedona. So, so pretty.

2. My hubs.

3. My 26 week belly
4. Beautiful trails.

5. Beautiful tr...oh no it's starting to rain.

4. We are FREEZING on our walk back to the hotel!

5. 9pm frozen yogurt.

6. Maple Mini Wheats. I eat them all the time. We were watching a movie.

7. Handsome Ernie looking at all the trails.

 8. Lovely

9. Us.

10. I just love this man.

11. My now 27 week belly.

12. WINDOW we got in flagstaff!

13. Bailey sunbathing. I took this by sticking my hand out the doggie door.

14. Rufus, who'd rather sit inside and snuggle with me.

15. Silly way to fall asleep.